Corporate Social Responsbility

How RGV ensures we play our part

You may hear the words ‘sustainability’ or ‘ethical’ used a lot in travel, but what does it actually mean and what steps do providers take to ensure they really are both of the above? At RGV, we take the two extremely seriously and ensure it applies to both people and nature. As our business provides volunteer trips to Africa and Asia which have a direct influence on the society and environment, at RGV we ensure that we stand up and take responsibility for whatever we can.

The responsible placing of suitable volunteers to projects is vitally important. We want the right people to be able to make an impact, which is required at these projects. As such, we have a comprehensive travel preparation procedure to make sure we place volunteers in a suitable place, which includes getting the following documents off you:

  • A CV/resume
  • Proof of language skills (if English is not your first language)
  • Extended CRB Check
  • Signed RGV Code of Conduct
  • If required, any Certifcates of Expertise (e.g if needed for nursing placements)
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Direct Support On Site

We work with our teams and the people from the ground level up. You can be sure that your placement will not endanger any jobs in the country. We attach great importance to the fact you are supporting the existing members. We also take care of the fair remuneration of all. Together we create numerous secure jobs for locals in the country, which includes RGV team members and their relatives, numerous host families, as well as other housekeepers, drivers, cooks, tour guides and language teachers, who all benefit sustainably from our work.

The RGV family regularly gives donations to clubs and aid organisations around the world. In addition to this, our local RGV teams are also involved in direct donations of material and money to those who need it most in the countries that we work in. We also keep full reports detailing all use of funds, which are available to view. As part of our ongoing commitment:

With the support of Rainbow Over Ghana eV, we are committed to the sustainable improvement of the education situation in the rural areas of Ghana. Through our own non-profit organisation, the Youth a New Foundation in Ghana, children who otherwise would not be educated, are taken off the streets, given an apprenticeship and later placed in their field of work. With the support of the Mission for Community Development (MCODE), we encourage the co-operation of various non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) and rural Ugandan partners. With the financial support of the Friends of Nepal Help eV, we help children in Nepal. In the summer of 2015, for example, we sent 5000 euros for food and medicines that helped those who were affected by the severe earthquake that hit the region.

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We print on environmental friendly paper and avoid waste. 90% of our employees use public transport and cycle to get to the RGV Head Office.

We are also a partner to the charitable foundation ‘MyClimate’, who are involved in the awareness and education of a more responsible use of natural resources. Through RGV, you have the opportunity to offset your flight omissions via MyClimate. About 5% of MyClimate donations by RGV volunteers then directly benefit our local environmental projects.

Other sustainability measures include?

  • The manufacturer of our RGV t-shirts is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation
  • Extensively researched animal/wildlife protection partners
  • Since 2016, RGV has been a member of the South African Campiagn against Canned Hunted (CACH), and is listed on the website as an ethical volunteer placement agency
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Quality Control

We have daily exchanges with all our teams in each country, whether through email or Skype, and we have annual visits to share information, feedback and best practices. Through shorter communication channels, we can quickly pass on your feedback to the right area of RGV, which helps us keep the quality as required.

Our CSR rep Yvonne Aigner takes care of ensuring the quality and standards of the RGV programmes, and if you have any questions on sustainability or CSR, you can contact her directly through the contact details available on the RGV team page.

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