Our Way of Working

There are so many volunteer projects abroad, so choosing the right organisation can be a real challenge. On this page, you can find out what distinguishes us from the rest of the market, and what makes your stay abroad so special. The enthusiasm of our returnees and the growing demand for volunteers at projects across Africa and Asia are a major indicator of RGV’s success. Some of the key aspects that a Rainbow Garden Village placement allows are:

  • Immersion into new cultures
  • To experience the everyday realities of these projects and people
  • To be in direct contact with the local people of new countries
  • Provide, meaningful, impactful contributions to a project
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More Than Just a 'Provider'

From helping with your travel preparation, through to organising your entire trip abroad, RGV ensure that we do everything we can to help. You’ll have a complete support network around you from the start, with our experienced Head Office in Munich being able to take you through every step. Nothing will be missed, and you can rest easy knowing you have an experienced team guiding you throughout.

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Complete Flexibility

Our teams LIVE in the countries. So you’re able to tell us what works for you, and we are able to work around that. We are constantly working on refining the projects and ensuring that we are flexible to exactly what the local community needs.

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Expert Preparation Advice

Our English speaking Head Office in Germany are ready and waiting to give all new volunteers the info they need to have a great trip. From vaccinations to a packing essentials list, they have the full knowledge to ensure nothing can be missed.

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We want to make sure you are fully aware of absolutely everything before you leave. Whether you have questions about the additional costs for visas, or you have doubts about your placement, our expert team will talk you through absolutely everything you need to know.

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Your Perfect Accommodation

At some of our projects, we even have a choice of preferred accommodation, from host family to a shared volunteer house. We also offer additional extras in certain countries, from single room supplements, through to your own apartment.

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Your Safety

We have comprehensive safety procedures in place, both before and during your time away. By being fully prepared, you can avoid potential dangerous situations. You’ll be provided with full documentation of travel security, and you will also have access to our 24/7 emergency number.

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Your Participation Certificate

The work you do deserves to be recognised. After successfully completing your project work, you will receive a certificate of participation showing your work. RGV’s certificates are generally recognised at universities and educational institutions.

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