Welcome to the "Land of Smiles"

What to Expect Volunteering in Thailand

Visa Required: Length of Stay Dependent
Cost of Living: Low/Medium
Friendly Locals: Yes
Vaccinations: Yes
Projects: Wildlife, Social

Thailand has long been known for it’s friendly people and stunning scenery. The kind-hearted nature of the locals and it’s lively cities has always attracted people to the country, and it makes for a perfect location to give something back.

The country offers such different perspectives, depending on where you are. The north is known for it’s luscious green countryside, Central Thailand has a mix of bustling cities and greenery, and the south is most famous for it’s stunning islands.

Yet Thailand is also home to a huge array of wildlife, from monkeys to elephants. The correct and proper care of these animals is massively important, and most are also considered important parts of the local’s culture and religion.

Our work alongside established projects means our volunteers can really make a difference in ensuring these animals live a comfortable life. RGV’s work in Thailand over the years means we have experienced teams and projects across the entire country. By providing support to these teams here, you can really make an impact as part of an already settled team.

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