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Contribute in volunteer projects across Africa and Asia

With projects spanning across two continents, RGV are the experts in facilitating your volunteer placement. Since 1999, we have developed tried and tested project placements, where you will provide vital support to a team which is already having a huge impact on the local community. Through our extensive experience in volunteering, we ensure that we only work in an ethical and sustainable way. This means no orphanage projects, strict child protection guidelines, in-depth animal welfare rules and ensuring that all volunteers are extra 'support' for the existing projects, meaning that volunteers do not take or replace jobs that should be for the local community.

Our placements, in conjunction with our in-country teams, cross over several different area types. Through this website, you can find the perfect project which suits your calling, from environmental through to wildlife, from social through to sports. Volunteering at these projects are of a duration that ensures you can make the greatest possible impact. Social projects are a minimum of 4 weeks, as it's super important for young children, during such a formative part of their life, that they have consistent care-givers, who don't change every few days. By being involved in projects that are truly there to support a local community, you can make sure you have a huge impact during your time volunteering.

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