Akwaaba - Welcome to Ghana

What to Expect Volunteering in Ghana

Visa Required: Yes
Cost of Living: Low
Friendly Locals: Yes
Projects: Sports, Environmental, Social
Vaccinations Required: Yes

By volunteering here, you will be placed in one of Africa’s most beautiful countries and right on the Gold Coast! During your time here, you will be able to explore tropical rainforests, adventurous savanna landscapes and seemingly endless beaches. From wildlife watching in the North, through to the hanging hover bridges in Kakum National Park, there are activities everywhere that will get the blood pumping.

The country is also known for it’s colourful festivals, bustling markets, rhythmic music and hospitable people. Ghana is also considered one of the safest countries in Africa, with an emerging economy and good infrastructure.

You would be settling into a new eclectic way of life, whilst offering much needed volunteer support to the local projects, by bringing your own personality and ideas.

RGV have been involved in Ghana since 1999, so our ongoing work with projects is one which has had lots of success. From our experienced teams within the country, to our knowledgable headquarter staff in Germany, we will ensure you have a smooth, exciting and memorable trip to Ghana.

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