Where do YOU want to make a difference?

RGV helps place volunteers in sustainable, voluntary projects in different countries across Africa and Asia. Each of these continents offer such a unique perspective on life, and as such offer such different experiences. By volunteering in one of these developing countries through our RGV projects, you can really make a difference in local communities.

Each country has its own way of life, and to be able to contribute to our projects, it’s super important that you understand the country you may look to volunteer in. With our support, we ensure that you gradually integrate into this new culture and learn your new ‘everyday life’. Through this cultural exchange, you can help become a better global citizen and understand the issues faced by other parts of the world.

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By volunteering here, you will be placed in one of Africa’s most beautiful countries and right on the Gold Coast! During your time here, you will be able to explore tropical rainforests, adventurous savanna landscapes and seemingly endless beaches. From wildlife watching in the North, through to the hanging hover bridges in Kakum National Park, there are activities everywhere that will get the blood pumping.

The country is also known for it’s colourful festivals, bustling markets, rhythmic music and hospitable people. Ghana is also considered one of the safest countries in Africa, with an emerging economy and good infrastructure. You would be settling into a new eclectic way of life, whilst offering much needed volunteer support to the local projects, by bringing your own personality and ideas.

RGV have been involved in Ghana since 1999, so our ongoing work with projects is one which has had lots of success. From our experienced teams within the country, to our knowledgable headquarter staff in Germany, we will ensure you have a smooth, exciting and memorable trip to Ghana.

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Thailand has long been known for it’s friendly people and stunning scenery. The kind-hearted nature of the locals and it’s lively cities has always attracted people to the country, and it makes for a perfect location to give something back.

The country offers such different perspectives, depending on where you are. The north is known for it’s luscious green countryside, Central Thailand has a mix of bustling cities and greenery, and the south is most famous for it’s stunning islands.

Yet Thailand is also home to a huge array of wildlife, from monkeys to elephants. The correct and proper care of these animals is massively important, and most are also considered important parts of the local’s culture and religion.

Our work alongside established projects means our volunteers can really make a difference in ensuring these animals live a comfortable life. RGV’s work in Thailand over the years means we have experienced teams and projects across the entire country. By providing support to these teams here, you can really make an impact as part of an already settled team.

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South Africa

South Africa has long been known as one of the world’s most beautiful countries. Cape Town, and the likes of Table Mountain, constantly feature highly on travelers favourite places, and for good reason. By volunteering in South Africa, you’ll encounter a colourful mix of different cultures, breathtaking nature and truly unforgettable experiences.

Yet, despite the obvious beauty of this diverse country, you’ll also get an insight into certain areas of a socially weak system. From children, to wildlife, there are areas which desperately need the support that volunteer projects offer.

South Africa is certainly developing towards a functioning society, and has been ever since the end of apartheid. However, active support is still needed in many sectors, and as such, your work as a volunteer here genuinely makes a huge difference to the community. During your stay, you’ll have the opportunity to see some of the world’s most fascinating cities, with Cape Town leading the way.

Thanks to the 2010 World Cup, Cape Town had been extensively developed and now boasts a strong infrastructure network in the city. This is great for tourists, but doesn’t always benefit some of the local communities. With you commitment to such communities, you will help provide vital support to projects doing important work for underprivileged South Africans.

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