Kim's Experiences in the Street Children Project in Ghana

"My Time in Childcare in Accra"

Kim S.

I was with Rainbow Garden Village for four weeks in Ghana's capital Accra, working on the street children project. I arrived at the student house around 9pm after being picked up from the airport by an RGV team member. I received a very warm welcome from the other volunteers. I spent the first three days in the student house, getting to know the area and we all went out for a tour of the city. When it was time to start work I moved to a host family, staying with Mama Mina.


Accommodation at Mama Mina

Amos, who is a member of the RGV team in Ghana took me to my new accommodation. The property is about an hour's drive from the student house. Upon arrival, I received a warm welcome and met all the children who were playing in the garden. I shared a room with two other volunteers and we were the only three working on the project so we got to know each other really well. Also, the food was delicious, it could be spicy, which took some getting used to. I really enjoyed staying with my host family, as I got to experience the Ghanian culture and everyday life of the local people.


The work in the project

Within the project there was about 25 children, aged between two and seven years old. We would have breakfast before starting our day and then the children would arrive each morning around 8.30am. We would then welcome the children and start the day with morning circle which would involve singing and praying. The children would then have their breakfast, we would help prepare it and feed them and clean up after. Monday to Wednesday were spent assisting with classroom based educational lessons and Thursdays were for fun activities. It was clear that it is quite difficult for the children to concentrate, so it was my job to help keep them engaged and focused, which was sometimes a challenge. The smaller children would spend more time playing and less time in a classroom environment. Around noon we had lunch and most of the children were collected and went home until the following day.


Leisure and excursions

I had plenty of time of an evening and weekend to travel around and it is really easy to get around by bus. An advantage of the street children project is that the working hours are from Monday to Thursday so you have a long weekend to relax and explore. You can do and see a lot in Ghana for incredibly little money, from waterfalls to national parks and beaches.



It was a great experience to go to Ghana for four weeks to get an insight into life and culture there. The support was great and I would recommend to all.


Report from the Street Children's Project in Ghana, by Kim S. October 2018

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