Football Coaching Project in Ghana

Volunteer as a football coach in Ghana and make an impact with a local club

Our football coaching program in Ghana's capital city, Accra, is the perfect programme for those looking to combine their football and social skills! Not only will you be teaching discipline and new skills to your teams, but you’ll also be helping to recruit new players and helping local children build a brighter future for themselves. Itf you have a passion for football that you want to use to contribute around the world, then this is the programme for you!

All Accommodation Included (Host Family or Shared Volunteer House)
Full Volunteer Football Placement of 4+ Weeks
Every Breakfast & Dinner Included
Airport Pickup & Transfer
Full In-Country Orientation
Complete Pre-Departure Travel Preparation
Placements Available from 4 weeks to 48 Weeks
Weekly Start Dates
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The Project

Football in Ghana

Football is a national sport in Ghana, and the national team plays at World Cup level. Enthusiasm for the sport runs high, and it is genuinely played everywhere - at school, at local clubs, out on the street! The numerous big stars that have played in the major European leagues have helped inspire a football-crazy nation.

Volunteering as a coach in Ghana would enable you to pass on valuable skills to the younger generations and become part of the amazing Ghanaian community, which absolutely loves everything to do with football.

The Club

Our volunteers are based in Accra, working at the local football club which was founded in 1998. The club has evolved over the years, and has teams across several tiers, of all age groups, form kids up to adults. Their main goal now is to reach the main national league in Ghana, and with input from those involved in football elsewhere in the world, they can reach this target.

From our shared volunteer house, or your host family, you can easily reach the training ground by public transport or taxi and you will no doubt share with other staff or volunteers.

Skills Required
  • Energetic
  • Friendly
  • Outgoing
  • Adaptable
  • Football lover
  • Patient
Types of Tasks
  • Training Setup
  • Guidance
  • Skill Development
  • Recruitment
  • Assisting Coaching Team
  • Assessing Team & Fitness
Age Range & Requirements

Age Range

We are able to take applicants who are aged 18+, and although we do not set any upper limit on age, it is important to check if you're eligible for a visa with the relevant immigration authorities.


A good level of physical fitness, and an enjoyment of football as a hobby are a must! Previous playing or coaching experience is beneficial, but is not required. Anyone with the passion for the sport will be able to add great input to the team.


Although the kids and adults team train and play on different pitches (which are about 10 minuts apart from each other), they are both based in Accra, Ghana. It's super safe and easy to get around within the city, so applicants do not have any problems getting to/from work.

Duration & Availability


Volunteer placements are available from 4 weeks up to 48 weeks. If you require longer than the 10 weeks available on the registration and booking form, please speak to our team and we'll happily discuss the duration with you and get it sorted for you.


Understandably, there are a few 'down' times, where there may be public holidays or religious dates, where no work will happen. This will affect arrival dates, but if you're in the country on project already, it will simply mean that it will result in some down time until the project starts back up.

Accommodation & Meals


In Accra, the choice of accommodation is up to you, depending on what you want to get our the experience. Your options are: A Host Family or Shared Volunteer House (you are welcome to select your preferred choice of accommodation, subject to availability). A host family really gets you to experience 'the real Ghana', where you'll be interacting with your Ghanaian host family on a daily basis and joining them for family meals. The Shared Volunteer House brings the volunteers together to live under one roof, where you can meet other people at the projects. There are multiple bedrooms and the home comforts you'd expect, including electricity, wifi, showers and more.


You'll certainly fully fed during your stay at either a host family or the shared volunteer house! You'll eat in a similar way to the locals and the local cuisine, so expect to get to know new foods and delicacies! If you do have any dietary requirements, please let us know about them as far in advance as possible, and we will do our best to accommodate them, or we will inform you if the local area can't.

Airport Transfer

As part of the programme, there is an airport transfer to first nights accommodation included. So you'll have one of the friendly RGV Ghana team there to welcome you at the airport!

Work Clothing

Important to bring long and neat clothing that covers knees and arms, and appropriate sportswear for work.

Documentation - What do I need?

There are certain pieces of documentation that RGV require during the application process, to ensure you're a suitable applicant to work at one of our projects. They are:

  • Copy of Passport - A pretty standard request for all volunteer companies!
  • Letter of Motivation - - This is a one page letter stating why you want to do the programme. The people that use these projects need it's support, so it's super important we send committed and determined volunteers, who really want to make an impact.
  • CV - This just gives us a bit of a better understanding of your background and your past work roles, as again, this is a work placement and not a vacation!
  • Criminal Background Check - With nearly all of our projects, you'll interact with either children or wildlife, so an up-to-date (within 3 months of departure) clean, criminal background check is required. We suggest ICPC, as it is internationally recognised.
  • Travel Insurance - Travel insurance tends to be mandatory for most visas, and we also require it to ensure that you are completely covered in case of emergencies.
  • Flight Itinerary - We need to know when you arrive! By having this, we can keep up to date with where you're at. If you need help with flights, we will happily point you in the right direction.

What's Included

Pre-Departure Prep & In-Country Orientation

Before you even depart, our friendly UK team will take you through every step of the process, from answering your questions about the programme, through to adivsing you where to go for your visa. We are here to help you and to ensure that you feel totally comfortable (and prepared!) before departing.

Before your project work starts in Ghana, our in-country RGV team will prepare you and give you all the information you need whilst in Ghana. The  orientation usually takes place over two mornings and will cover information such as the local area, your tasks within the project and the culture so that you can settle in well in your new environment. 

You will also receive information about how you could spend your free time along with tips on withdrawing money, SIM cards and the history of Ghana. This is also the perfect opportunity to meet other volunteers at the projects and get to know those people you'll be working with over the next few weeks or months.

Accommodation & Meals

Living with a RGV host family, you will allow you to dive deeper into the Ghanaian culture. Living with a host family will allow you to learn more about the traditions of the locals, to exchange ideas and also learn a bit of the regional language, Twi! All our host families have running water and electricity.

There is also our shared volunteer houses. Here, you live in the house together with other volunteers and our team leader William. In addition to six bedrooms, the volunteers have three bathrooms and a fully equipped communal kitchen (where your breakfast and dinner will be prepared and ready each day!) There is also a large living room with satellite TV and our on-site cook keeping you fed.

It has a spacious veranda where you can play table tennis, listen to music, read and relax. William always organises small social events for the residents too. There is a lot to discover around the volunteer house, as it is close to the beautiful Coco Beach. In addition, after work you can take a relaxed stroll in a shopping mall not far away.

Meet the RGV Ghana Team

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Our team in Ghana has been welcoming RGV Volunteers since 1999. William is the leader of the RGV team in Accra and will accompany you at your voluntary work in Ghana. He is supported by our host mother Mama Mina and other helping hands from the area. Mama Mina was the driving force in setting up the location in Ghana with RGV.

At the beginning of 2016, she handed over the leadership to her nephew William. William is your local contact and is always available for a chat.

Mina continues to be the good soul of all our projects in Ghana and is dedicated to our Street Children Project.

Our Rainbow Family in Ghana welcomes you!


Total Cost: £999 (4 Weeks)

Additional Weeks Cost: £125 per week (up to 48 weeks)

Initial payment consists of a £200 deposit, with the remaining balance due 8 weeks before departure. There is also an option to pay the full amount up front at time of booking.

If you require more than the 10 weeks available through the booking form, please speak to a member of our team so we can get it sorted for you.

What's Included
  • Breakfast & Dinner
  • Airport Pickup
  • Accommodation
  • Volunteer Placement at a Ghanian Football Club
  • RGV Ghana Orientation
  • Personal Contact Person in RGV
  • 24Hr Emergency Number
  • Assistance with Travel Preparation
  • RGV Family T Shirt
  • Participation Certificate
  • Extensive RGV Travel Documentation
Additional fees
  • Flights (request a quote to include flights)
  • Visas & Vaccinations
  • Public Transport/Extra Transfers
  • Travel Insurance
  • Criminal Background Check

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Our programmes have been running for many years now, and we've had countless numbers of happy and inspired applicants join us in making an impact. The best way of understanding our projects are through the words of our previous volunteers, so check out a few of their experiences below!

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