Volunteering at a Penguin and also a Childcare Centre in South Africa

"My Report on my 5 Month Stay in Cape Town"

Elisa E.

After my graduation it was for me now or never. Let's go abroad! Cape Town has been in my mind for ages and I really did not just want to go on vacation there, but live there. So I've learned about ways to spend a longer time abroad. I came across RGV and quickly became friends with the volunteer work and the projects that are offered on their homepage. I have selected two projects and registered. I was well supported by the German RGV team in terms of planning.


Project 1: Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary, Accomodation 1: host family

My first two months were spent just outside the city center in Cape Town because it was my first project there - a seabird rescue station. There I lived with a host family, so a woman with her mother, to be more specific. At first, it was not really what I imagined, alone in a host family and then so far away from the other RGV volunteers, but with the project, which I can only really recommend, I have many volunteers from all over the world met and therefore also made friends . In the host family, I've settled in with the time getting better and in the project, it was great fun. The longer you were there, the more you could. So I learned how to get alongPenguins avoid them, feed them and tubet them. I prepared the food for penguins and the other seabirds and (that's part of it) mats, cages and everything cleaned.


Project 2: Kindergarten, Accommodation 2: Big House

With my project change was also my move to the Student House . However, this was not too strange for me, as well as the people there. Despite my slightly further distance from the RGV-house, I still met from time to time with the people who arrived with me and were housed in the house. Living in such a big house was the complete opposite of that in my host family, but that difference and that change was good for me. You have done so much, talked and exchangedand you never really were alone. What you can see as good or bad. The kindergarten was not, as assumed a kindergarten with children from slightly worse living and living conditions, but I was in a private kindergarten as volunteers, but in retrospect I can say: Every child is happy to have someone who plays with one and pay attention to it. My main task was exactly that. In the end, I closed my heart to all children as well as "teacher" and it was hard to say goodbye.


Leisure time in Cape Town

I have to say that I have done as much as in my 20 weeks in Cape Town, never in the same period. Whether hiking, eating, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, paragliding and much more, you always had opportunities to experience something. However, there was a single requirement - good weather. Because most activities in Cape Town are outdoors. In addition, I was still on Garden Route for 5 days, which should really be included in his stay in South Africa, if you have the time, the money and the opportunity to do so. Renting a car with several people is also worthwhile, no matter if only one day (as in my case) or for one month. It is much more flexible and it is much cheaper than continuous Uber rides.


Conclusion about volunteering in South Africa

I fell in love with Cape Town. I love the way people live and the general atmosphere. I can only recommend the projects, but my next visit to South Africa is on my own.


Volunteering at a Sea Bird and Nursery School in South Africa, by Elisa E., December 2018

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