Wondering if volunteering is for you?

Committing to volunteering is a big step. To make a difference in the lives of people who are less fortunate is a fantastic thing to do, but understandably, there's a lot to consider before you do.

What is volunteering? How do the projects work? What is expected of me? All of these questions will come up before you decide, and it's right to ask these questions. By understanding what volunteering is and how the projects work, you will be able to go into this life changing placement with the right expectations.

Here at RGV, we have a dedicated team that will support you through the entire journey. From answering questions during your first enquiry, through to helping you in-country on one of our projects, our Head Office team has years of experience in dealing with absolutely any issues that may arise.

Yet, if you want as much information as possible before you proceed, then check out our below sections, which breaks down some of the common questions we get on how it works.

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About Volunteering

Volunteering is so much more than just turning up and helping out. You become part of a wider, vital support network, which is crucial in the local community.

There are lots of volunteer possibilities out there for applicants, but it's super important to understand the current landscape of volunteering, how we operate, and what you can do to ensure you work with an ethical and sustainably driven provider.

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Application Process

Our application process has been made as streamlined as possible, to ensure that you can focus on getting excited about making an impact.

Numerous documents and information will be needed, however, our Head Office team has refined the process over a number of years, to make sure absolutely nothing is missed.

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Visas & Vaccinations

There are a few important things to do outside of your application process. They tend to revolve around visas and vaccinations.

These two things are essential in being able to participate in one of our projects. Each vary from country to country, but our Head Office team know exactly how to guide you, through their years of experience in each.

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Living in a new country and culture is one of the most exciting parts of being abroad. The new way of life is something that will have a huge impact on your own outlook, and one major part of that is the accommodation you'll live in.

Dependent on the project, and the country you're in, you could have multiple choices on where to stay. Each give an in-depth feel to life within your chosen country.

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