"My Football Volunteering in Ghana"

Experiences and Impressions from Accra

By: Sergej R.
My work in the football project

My daily tasks were to look after young people through football and to take care of them. This was a great day to day experience. No day was the same! In the football project, I was with three other volunteers and together, we planned the daily routine. We'd also prepare the children for upcoming games, whilst work on routes, shots and passes in training. The participants were committed every day and really enjoyed the training program. We were warmly greeted and they took us in really well. Sometimes we were even taken back to our accommodation as they all got on with us really well

The Student House in Ghana

Our accommodation was just a 7 minute walk from the football field. Overall, we shared the "Student House" with about 20 other mixed volunteers, who were involved in various projects. The communication in the house was always fun. For example, when we ate dinner together, we would have a chat and report back on our day. I shared my room with 5 other guys, there was plenty of room for everyone and the mood was always positive. I'd honestly fly back to Ghana tomorrow if I could!

Ghana - a beautiful country with problems

Ghana is a beautiful country with friendly people, who support each other and live by the phrase; "one for all, all for one". Although this country, with its enchanting beaches and sub-tropical climate, is a paradise, there is a huge waste problem. On every street side, some beaches and even in the ocean, there is plastic waste everywhere. The garbage grows immeasurably every day.

I will tackle this project with "Fight for Africa" and try to enlighten the people by introducing a recycling station.

Conclusion: I can only recommend it to anyone

But on the whole, I can say that I am very happy to have had this experience. I got to know many people and did a lot of good in a community that needs it.

I can only recommend everyone to work for people who are not as well as we are in Europe. At the same time, you get love and recognition that you can not buy for any money. Likewise, RGV was a good partner who gave me very good advice and took great care of me.

We are happy to be open to questions from Fightforafrica.de, so just let us know.

My football volunteer in Ghana, field report by Sergej R., August 2018

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