Field Report From the Recycling Project in Axim

"My Experiences as a Beach Cleanup Volunteer in Ghana"

Felix S.

The trip to Axim

I started my volunteer work at the end of February 2018. After getting my visa, receiving the necessary vaccinations and learning about the country, I was all set. I arrived at 10pm local time and met with Ursula (a member of the RGV team) outside the airport. She took me to her guest house where I stayed for the night. The next morning, I was taken to Axim which was a 6 hour drive. Surprisingly, the time passed really quickly and it was very interesting driving through Ghana.

My Accommodation in Axim

I had a very warm welcome from the staff at the resort. They showed me to my room and I met the other volunteers who I would be working and living with during my time here. The resort itself was very impressive. It has a great beach and is nextdoor to a jungle. It is easy and cheap to get a local taxi to nearby markets, I enjoyed browsing here and buying tropical fruits.

My Work in the Beach Project

My two project managers on site were Joseph and Edith, they were both very helpful. We would start the day on the beach cleaning up any washed-up rubbish. After this we would go to the conference room and do various activities such as sewing plastic bags to make things or creating educational comic books about environmental protection. Twice a week we took a motorboat down the Ankobra River and visited some remote villages, went to their schools and public meeting places to teach the people here about the environment. We talked about, recycling, the effects of burning rubbish, plastic waste and other things.

I really enjoyed the project, it was varied and I would love to come back again.

Report from the Environmental Project in Ghana, by Felix S. June 2018

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