Larissa's Report from the Children Centre in Cape Town

"My Review of my Time in South Africa"

Larissa G.

One thing was clear to me, after leaving school, I absolutely wanted to see the world. Many of my friends went to Australia, America & Spain, which didn’t interest me. I started looking into voluntary work abroad and within a couple of minutes realised I really wanted to go to South Africa to work with children. I found Rainbow Garden Village and booked to volunteer at the kindergarten for 3 months. On 25th July, straight after graduation I flew out to Cape Town and not long after arriving already knew I wanted to stay longer.


The accommodation

Like many other volunteers, I lived with a host family. I ended up extending my stay to 5 months and I stayed here the whole time. My host family was the head teacher of the kindergarten and she kindly took me to work everyday. The accommodation was great and the family were so welcoming and really nice to me.


My project

My working hours at the kindergarten were Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 3:00pm. Since I arrived with my host mother, I arrived at 8am and went home at 4:30pm which did not bother me at all because it allowed me to spend more time with the kids. I got to spend one day with each class and was able to choose which age group I wanted to work with, I chose 2-3 year olds. The teachers run the majority of the lessons and activities and I would assist as well as prepare the children's food, help the smaller ones while eating and provide general care to the children. You have many different tasks during the day, you take part in singing, the morning circle and help with hygiene and nap time. The children are so open and welcoming. You feel good immediately!


Leisure activities and RGV Garden Route

Cape Town is incredibly diverse and offers everything a city can offer. I would enjoy time chilling at the beach, surfing and swimming. I went to see the penguins at Boulders Beach, went to Table Mountain and Lions Head. In addition to the incredible landscape, you have to appreciate the very friendly people there. The South Africans are totally welcoming and super friendly! For anyone who has some spare time, I recommend the Garden Route with RGV. I will never forget the 9 days, because you see so much, try new things and are surrounded by incredible people. Every day was so special, I would have loved to stay longer, but one thing is certain - I'll be back!


Report from the Children's Kindergarten Project in South Africa, Larissa G. April 2019

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