Experience Report from a South African Children Centre

"My Time in Cape Town"

Jonas D.

My name is Jonas and I am 18 years old. After graduating from high school in the summer of 2017 I wanted to take some time to do something meaningful before I started an apprenticeship or a degree. During my studies I had learned a lot about disadvantaged children and it had become clear to me this was something I am passionate about and wanted to help out with.


The project

After my introductory week in Cape Town, I had the knowledge I needed to do a great job during my time here. I was introduced to all classes and I was able to get a taste of what is involved for each age group, I chose to work with the baby class. The role is by no means easy but the reward and joy you get from working with the children is worth it. It is beautiful and you are always looking forward to the next working day. From the moment you start caring for the children, you become a role model to them, you form bonds in such a short space of time and they find comfort in being around you which is an incredible feeling.


Leisure time

My working hours were Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm, meaning I had plenty of time to do various things in the afternoon or on weekends. I took part in a safari, visited the Cape and made many other unforgettable memories.


My accommodation

I stayed in the Student House during my voluntary work, which is not far from Cape Town. The accommodation is basic and the food is good. You definitely have to be open minded and remember Africa is going to have its differences to some things at home, you should not expect luxury. For instance, due to a water shortage in Cape Town, there were some restrictions for us regarding water use. For me this was all part of experiencing the South African way of living.



I had an unforgettable time and have many wonderful experiences. I took a lot away from this experience, things that I find hard to put into words. I would encourage anyone to volunteer in Cape Town, your help is needed and very much appreciated.


Report from the Children's Kindergarten Project in South Africa, by Jonas D. 15/03/2018

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