Report From Working in Childcare in South Africa

"Volunteering at the Children's Kindergarten in South Africa"

Pia H.

I have always been interested in working with children in Africa. After some research my friend and I discovered Rainbow Garden Village. We chose the Kindergarten Project in Cape Town and the anticipation was huge.

On 1st October 2017, my friend and I flew from Munich via Doha to Cape Town, everything went smoothly. We were greeted at the airport by a guy named Chad who is part of the RGV team in Cape Town. We were taken to the office for a short introduction and then to meet our host family. We were overwhelmed and really excited.


The accommodation in Cape Town

Our host family was great. The host mother is the director of the Children's Kindergarten and kindly drove us to work every day. Staying with the family gave us the chance to get to know the African culture.


Our project in child care

The Kindergarten is a facility for children who come from disadvantaged townships. The age range is from age one to pre-school and the children arrive every day by school bus or are brought by the parents, and are collected again at around 15:00. My friend and I worked with the nursery class and cared for babies from 9 months to 2 year olds.


Our tasks
  • Assisting with meal preparation and feeding the children at mealtimes
  • Helping the children with general hygiene (washing hands, brushing teeth, etc)
  • Changing nappies
  • Assisting the teachers
  • Playing with the children, general care and engagement
  • Fun activities such as crafts, singing, dancing, etc

The work with the kids was great, the children are very open and incredibly happy about all who lovingly take care of them. The African style of education takes some getting used to, but it is just that way and different from ours. A little tip: Take old clothes with you, they will definitely get dirty!


Leisure activities in South Africa

After work and during weekends you can explore the incredibly fascinating and beautiful Cape Town. The best way to do this is with the "UBER-App" or taking the public bus "CityBus" you can get everywhere using either. We spontaneously rented a car one weekend too and explored a bit more of Cape Town and the surrounding area. We spent 4 weeks in Cape Town and worked at the Children's Center during this time. In our final week we drove 5000km from Cape Town to Johannesburg which was an amazing experience. South Africa is just incredible!


After 7 super great weeks we flew home from Johannesburg. RGV arranged our flights and we requested to return from Johannesburg which was no problem at all. We returned to 25 ° C cold Germany from 42 ° C hot South Africa - it was an unforgettable trip! Thanks to Rainbow Garden Village for everything. The whole application, booking and project ran so smoothly.


Report from the Children's Kindergarten Project in South Africa, by Pia H. 16/04/18

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