Your Application Process

So how does it all work?

Our RGV Head Office in Germany has been refining our application process, ever since our first volunteers went to work in Ghana. From this point, we've worked hard to ensure we keep the process as streamlined as possible, whilst also making sure that you get all the required information needed to make your trip a success.

Our Head office in Munich, Germany, are the experts when it comes to volunteer placements, and have sent thousands through the entire process of booking, to placement.

They know every detail of the process and will guide you through easily. However, we're delighted to have opened a UK branch of the business, so you have a dedicated team to help you from interest to booking. Once your booking is confirmed and you're accepted onto the programme, you'll be in direct contact with the experts at our Head Office in Germany, who's English speaking team can take you through the remaining process with ease.

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Find your perfect project and country

Through our UK website, you'll be able to find your perfect project in the right country. Although our team will happily talk you through your options and what's available, your choice should be personal to you, and such a calling to volunteer needs to be a strong one. You can check what is available through our 'Destinations' or 'Projects' pages, available through the navigation menus.

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Register and pay your deposit

Once you have decided which project is for you, it's time to kick off your journey of a lifetime! Through the project page, you can click 'Get Started', which will take you through to our registration page. Here you can select your dates, project, and fill further information in, which is required to make the booking (don't worry, if you want to add extra weeks or optional activities, you can do that at the next step).

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Complete your profile and choices

First off, congrats on paying your deposit! You will have an email confirming your payment, and creation of your online profile. In this area, you will find a breakdown of your chosen project, a video, and further information required, before we can pass your booking over to our Head Office in Germany to be confirmed. This includes the likes of accommodation choice (if available), flight emissions, extras and more. Once these are all completed and show up as green, your booking info can then be passed through to see if it's available.

This profile is also where you will make any future payments, so have a play and get to know it!

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Await confirmation from Head Office, Germany

Once all your information and profile is complete, your booking will then transfer from the customer service team in the UK, to our Head Office team in Germany. As this team has been dealing with bookings and processes for nearly two decades, they will provide all the information you need going forward.

Please allow up to 14 days after submitting your information for our Head Office to confirm your booking. In this time, they have to speak to the local teams and accommodation, to ensure they have the capacity on your specified dates. Once you have recieved this information, you are confirmed and accepted onto the project, congrats!!

From this point, our Head Office team in Munich, Germany, will be your point of contact for absolutely any enquries. Their contact email is: (notice the .com, instead of!!!)
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Travel preparation

From this point on, you will be guided by our expert program co-ordinators in Munich, Germany. They have been through this process countless times, and know exactly how to prepare you for your upcoming trip.

They will provide you with a comprehensive "Travel ABC", which includes all of the information you need to know.

At the right time throughout the process, the team in Germany will instruct you on when to look at sorting visas, or when to have any vaccinations. The entire process will be guided, but if you have any questions, we are more than happy to help.

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Pay Remaining Balance

It is important to log back into your profile and pay the remaining balance of your account. This must be done no later than 8 weeks before departure.

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Get ready, and get excited!

After being guided throughout by our expert team in Germany, it's now time to get excited! Although a lot of prep work has to go on before, it's important to then focus on the reason you're going to this country; to make an incredible impact on a local community. Get googling, check out areas, and get excited for your journey of a lifetime.

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