So where would I be living?

Each country has such an eclectic mix of cultures, environments and people, that each place is especially unique. Although this is clear when you are on each project, you might not realise that this is equally as visible in where you stay. Not just in the local community, or even the road, but to the very house or accommodation that you're staying in.

Your accommodation forms the bedrock of your everyday life whilst on your programme. It is an essential and vitally important part of your trip away, and forms one of the most in-depth ways of providing you with a full cultural immersion.

Here at RGV, we've worked with the local teams to source the most comfortable and varied accommodation possible, whilst still giving you the proper immersion in local culture. Although your choice of accommodation is dependent on what country/project you are at (more details on what is available can be found on each project page), it tends to be between the two below.

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Host Family

Being with a host family is the quintessential way of experiencing the country. Not only will you live like the locals do, but you will become an extension of their family. You will share, meals, stories and experiences together, of which the memories will last a lifetime. Most keep in touch with their host families long after their placement is over, such is the bond that you will create.

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Shared Volunteer House/Lodge

Although not quite as culturally immersive as a host family, the shared accommodation are all run by local teams, who understand the country completely and are able to provide all the information you need. Food will still be what is eaten by the locals, and you'll definitely still get a taste of the country on a day to day basis. The rooms are dorm-style, so you're able to interact and meet other volunteers, and share these memorable moments together.

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