What Makes RGV, well, RGV?

About Us

RGV has been on an exciting journey, since our founder, Steffen, first coined the idea. It has gone from being a local project to help spur development in the region, to the huge volunteer and internship provider that it is today. With projects in numerous countries around Africa and Asia, Rainbow Garden Village has expanded to make an impact and provide support to projects in communities that really need it.

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From 1999, to Today...

In 2001, the first teaching students travelled with RGV to support schools in Ghana. Today, we include numerous other destinations with extensive volunteer projects and internships throughout. We have developed close and personal connections in Africa and Asia, and these have become very, very dear to us over the years. We are pleased that we are able to make a contribution to supporting people locally by enabling volunteers to make an impact.

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The Beginning of Rainbow Garden Village

It all began with a taste for adventure and an idea! Our founder, Steffen, travelled to Ghana in 1999 for an internship abroad. This move had a lasting effect on his future career and helped create the path that RGV is on today. The hospitality and simple way of life had an impression on Steffen, which sparked his passion for the African continent.

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Ghana: The Origin of RGV

Following his internship, Steffen travelled the country as a backpacker, and fell in love with an area called Lake Bosomtwe. From here, he began building somewhere to stay, at Rainbow Garden Village. The aim was to bring travellers, and therefore development, to this remote region. This was a promise Steffen made to Mama Mina, a local to the area who we now call ‘Mama’ of RGV in Ghana. Mina has been central to RGV for over 20 years now, and helps bring an expertise like no-one else could.

It wasn’t all plain sailing. Initially, it was hard to get people to come to the area. But whilst there, Steffen noticed another problem; the numerous children without education in the area. So he began to utilise his student network back home in Germany, and in 2001, the first group of self-funded teaching students traveled to Ghana and taught the children in Rainbow Garden Village.

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Back in Germany

Steffen began financing the core idea of Rainbow Garden Village and the educational projects started from there. Club foundations in Germany (2004) and Ghana (2005) were the precursor to becoming the wider RGV business it is today, which Steffen founded in 2011. It is now a tour operator for volunteer services and internships, which cover over 14 different countries and has now opened a UK arm of the business.

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