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Are you someone who's looking for a unique, once-in-a-lifetime trip, but one where you can make an impact and with more meaning than just a holiday? Do you have a passion across areas such as wildlife, social, sports or the environment, and would love to use these passions in projects across Africa and Asia? If so, RGV can provide you the platform to make an incredible difference in communities that really need it.

Since 1999, we have supported selected projects in ten emerging and developing countries, through meaningful volunteer assignments, as well as targeted donations of money or materials.

Whether volunteer work, internship abroad or taking a sabbatical, we promote inter-cultural exchanges and help to build bridges between people and cultures.

Each stay abroad with RGV is a unique and individual experience. Our participants broaden their horizons on a daily basis, through their encounters with the local community.

By participating in our projects, our volunteers grow and develop every day, by tackling issues in the community that our projects aim to help. They collect countless new experiences and special moments on the way - and once they return they have a lot of new stories to share!

Volunteering is an essential support system to under-privileged communities, so these placements really allow volunteers to play their own small part in making a wider difference. Volunteer with RGV to make a little BIG change!

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Choosing the right programme for YOU


Volunteering is an extremely unique trip for each applicant. Whether you have a love of animals, the environment, or anything between, picking the right project is super important so you can make an impact in the area you love. Rainbow Garden Village have projects that cover multiple areas, including social, wildlife, sports and environmental, so click through to our programmes to find out what you can do to help.


Make a little BIG change!

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